Clubhouse Information – Rental, Filming & Location


Our beautiful Craftsman Clubhouse is registered as a historic building with the City of Los Angeles. The purchase of the land and the construction of the building were funded by club members and dedicated in 1914.  After more than 107 years, it retains its charm and continues to provide a welcome environment.

The Clubhouse is available for weddings, receptions, birthday parties, meetings, lectures, and concerts. Our garden area is available for wedding ceremonies.  All music is to be performed in the building, not in the garden area. Friday and Saturday events are to cease music by 11:00 PM and the event must end by 12:00 AM (midnight). Sunday events are to cease music by 10:00 PM and the event must end by 11:00 PM. All events, of any type, are for seven-hour windows, during the weekends. Example: 5:00 PM-12:00 AM.

Our capacity for sit-down dinner events is a maximum of 160 people. We provide white folding chairs and eight-foot-long banquet tables for the 160 guests. We require a deposit and a certificate of insurance naming us as additionally insured for all rentals.

We have three restrooms, two kitchens, a sunroom, ballroom, stage and reception room.

We are very proud of our 107-year-old historic building.  As well, the building has been featured in many films and commercials. Any other questions can be obtained by contacting the house and grounds person.

Rental information:
  • The Clubhouse can be rented on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday; one-day event rental is seven (7) hours.
  •  Events held on Friday and Saturday are to completely end and the building vacated by 12:00 am (midnight).
  • On Monday through Thursday, day or evening, Clubhouse rents for a four (4) hour minimum. On occasion, Sunday rental may be held for a six (6) hours minimum.
  • Sunday through Thursday events are to completely end by 10:00 pm and the building vacated by 11:00 pm.
  • Memorial services may be scheduled from Monday to Friday, but only if the Clubhouse is not previously reserved, please call for availability.
  • An additional two (2) extra hours will be given (complimentary) on the same day for set up, just prior to the event.
  • Rental clients are responsible for set up, break-down, and clean-up after the event.
  • Rental insurance is required by the Rental Client; rental rates are not posted online. A security deposit of $500.00 is required and is refundable pending a security walk-through immediately after the event is held.
  • One or two security guards are required for all events leading into the evening. The rental client is responsible to pay the security company before the event is held.
  • All music is to cease by 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday; music is to cease by 10:00 pm on Sunday through Thursday.
  • The client may bring in their own catering and the caterer must be licensed. A large refrigerator and medium-sized freezer are available for use. The kitchen stove is not available for use.
  • Beer, wine, and one ‘signature drink’ are allowed. Alcohol to be served by a Certified Bartender of your choice
  • The maximum capacity of the Clubhouse is 160 people, with no exceptions.  The Clubhouse provides white folding chairs and eight (8′) foot banquet tables at no cost for 160 people.
  • The client may rent equipment and furniture from outside vendors. Vendor delivery must be on the same day as the event, just before the scheduled set-up time.
  •  All events are held inside the Historic Clubhouse and the outside portico. The garden/lawn grass area is restricted for use and is available for wedding ceremonies. Other uses for lawn areas must be pre-approved.
  •  Separate Club rooms and outside ground rentals are not allowed.
  •  Decorations are allowed such as “pipe and drape” or weighted, however, nails, staples, pins, glue, tape, any adhesive are NOT allowed on walls, floor, ceiling, or outside of the building. Mylar balloons are not allowed.
  • Smoking inside and alongside the Historical building is not allowed. Open or contained fires or torches are not allowed on the grounds of the historic building.
  • Blow-up jumpers, game equipment, and food trucks on outside grounds are not allowed without signed approval.
  • Walk-through viewing is held by scheduled appointment only and cannot be held during a live event.

Event planning and pricing are not discussed online, please call our House & Grounds Chairwoman, Linda Farrell, at 323-478-1883, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Leave your name, contact information, and a message regarding the type of event, the date planned, and how many guests are planned for the event. Linda will return your call ASAP as she may be busy with duties or Clients.  She may respond by email after your phone call and conversation regarding the rental.  She will discuss the available dates, costs, brought-in catering/beverage service, rental insurance, break-down/clean-up, etc., and any questions you may have.  

 The Clubhouse is on a Historical Registry and non-profit.  The maintenance and restoration of the 107 plus-year-old grand building come from event income and fundraising. We are sorry but we do not offer discounted rates on event rentals.